To West Lincoln Community Care,
I have been on my own since I was very young and grew up mostly on the streets of a large city in Canada. A lot of people would say that I grew up in the gutter.
I moved into West Lincoln with my girlfriend months ago in hopes of finding new employment and a better way of life. At first with no employment and few resources we were eating as little as 3 times a week. I have used Food Banks most of my life but was initially very nervous to come to WLCC because of how horribly I had been treated at other food banks. But when we walked into your Food Bank we right away felt welcomed. Your staff immediately shook my hand, listened to our story, were not judgemental and treated us with respect. They clearly explained all the support and services that would be available to us.
This is the best Food Bank that I have ever been to. I can’t believe that we are able to come twice a month to get food. Now with your help, we are able to eat every day. You have made your Food Bank a place with respect for its clients providing wide choices like in a real grocery store. It is amazing how a small town has all of this.
Your staff invited us to participate in the Christmas Program that is coming up. I have not celebrated Christmas for many years and have learned to hate it. We have signed up and now I am actually looking forward to Christmas for the first time in a lot of years.
We love West Lincoln! The people are actually nice here and care about each other. Thank you to the Food Bank and what you have done for us.