Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures

Stats that might make you want to help someone in need!

Things that make you go… Hmm!

Survey of HungerCount 2018 calculated by Food Banks Canada.

Nationally across Canada:

This is the number of total meals and snacks served in March 2018.

Seniors represent 6.3% of food bank users, while representing 16.9%* of the population.


  • 1 in 6 are currently or recently employed
  • 59.0% on social assistance or disability-related income
  • 1 in 9 receive pension income
  • 6.0% report no income

In Ontario:

Total number of visits in Ontario in March 2018. This number is unacceptably high.


32.2% of households accessing food banks in Ontario are on Disability-related Support

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