WLCC is always looking for new recruits to join our volunteer team.

Volunteering is not only good for the soul, but you’ll make new friends to boot!

Our volunteers make West Lincoln Community Care possible.  We are appreciative and grateful for the individuals that happily donate their energy and time to support the West Lincoln Community Care mission to enhance the quality of life for all.  We have over 100 volunteers.

We are always looking for additional volunteers for our Food Bank, our Store and our Board of Directors. If you are passionate about your community you may be a great fit for WLCC.

We are looking for dedicated individuals who can commit to assist with even as little as one 3 ½ hour shift per month to make sure we fulfill our commitment to the community and its residents. We have a variety of roles that you can participate in including clothing sorting, inventory pricing, inventory stocking, cashier, warehouse help, food bank assistance, delivery drivers.

We look forward to meeting you!

Volunteers were asked to answer:  ‘Why I volunteer at West Lincoln Community Care’…


I look so forward to going into the WLCC food bank to volunteer.  The overall attitude is one of appreciation and compassion.   It’s easy to work with Sharlene and all of the volunteers who care deeply for each other and the amazing patrons of the food bank.   Every person I have met shows me a special part of themselves making my life a little richer. I am so grateful to be able to be involved with such an awesome organization.…

Cathy Gagliardi

I have been a volunteer at WLCC for over five years. I was new to the area when I started and it was a way to meet people from the area and help out a good cause. I volunteer in the thrift store two half days a week and one Sat per month. I have met a lot of wonderful people  (customers and fellow volunteers) and I love what I do in the thrift store.

Gloria Niblock

I enjoy volunteering at West Lincoln Community Care. It is very rewarding to know that simple things like donated coffee cups and tee shirts can be turned into a “loaf of bread” for a person in need in our community. We live in a very generous and very prosperous community. The amount of donations and the stream of shoppers, merge to provide for those who need a little assistance.  By volunteering a little of my time, I can help turn…

Liz Fulford

I began volunteering in November 2018 and I am so glad I did. I do not ‘feel’ like a volunteer, instead, I feel like a contributor to helping those in need in my community. I feel like part of a ‘volunteer’ family where not only do we jointly help our community but we also help one another on the job. We are part of a special family, we have fun, we share laughter, we feel pride for what we are…

Shirley  Barry

My reason for volunteering was initially because I recently retired after working full time until the age of 74, and knew I needed to do something which would keep me connected to the real world! I chose WLCC because I have been an admirer and supporter for many years, and because it gives me the opportunity to give back to my community. I feel I get much more back than I give by volunteering. All the great people who work…

Sue Armstrong

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