To West Lincoln Community Care,
We have lived in West Lincoln all of our lives & have always been proud of our community. We have worked our entire adult lives helping our neighbours and charities whenever we could. We never thought we would have a problem as we got older as we considered ourselves to be middle class but here we are.
I am writing to express our sincere gratitude for the help you have and are giving us. We want to thank your Food Bank staff for professionally and respectfully explaining your services and gathering our information while treating us with respect. The way your staff treated us allowed us to keep our dignity while using a community service that is free help but would normally be embarrassing because of thinking we were taking from others. We have never asked for anything before and never knew that was available to us. Your Food Bank and Client Service staff have helped us through illness and disabilities that have put a major strain on our finances and quality of life. We were quite surprised that you were able to help us when we fell behind on utilities. This sudden and embarrassing time in our lives was the most stressful time for both of us. We did not know what to do then there you were, a miracle disguised as WLCC.
You are a tremendously needed and well-organized charity that utilizes your options to benefit each person’s and families separate needs effectively with compassion & privacy like good neighbours or old friends.